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The Company
For more than 30 years we have been producing construction material test equipment and are very successful, not only in Germany but also on the world market. We offer our customers an extremely extensive supply range, in order to be able to fulfil all requirements and wishes. "Made in Germany" stands as a symbol for the outstanding quality of the products made by us. We have been EN ISO 9001 certified since 1996.
First-class quality paired with continuous striving for improvements as well as individual service and customer friendliness are the main components of our company philosophy. We guarantee the quality of our products through qualified and motivated employees,
efficient production technology and reliable suppliers.
Deliverability and adherence to delivery dates are top criteria for us, to fulfil
the high expectations of our customers at any time.
Trust is good, TESTING is better!




Hans-Heinrich Reuter

Hans-Heinrich Reuter

Managing Director

Hans-Heinrich Reuter, born in Weimar, studied civil engineering in Wismar and Luzern and completed his studies as "Master of Engineering". Mr Reuter commenced his carrier for the Basler & Hofmann Group in Zurich/Switzerland as an Engineer in 2008. In the year 2011, Mr Reuter exploited the "perspective Singapore" with Basler & Hofmann and developed business in Southeastasia holding the position as Project Manager. Since 2014, Mr Reuter is in charge for the national and international sales for the "TESTING Bluhm & Feuerherdt GmbH".
In august 2019 he became Managing Director.

Judith Feuerherdt

Judith Feuerherdt

Executive Management

The company founder's daughter was born in Berlin. Ms Feuerherdt is a qualified bank clerk and jurist. After completing her law studies at FU Berlin, Ms Feuerherdt first worked for the Berliner Bank and then for a management consultancy where she focussed on "optimising workflows in local authorities". In 2001 she joined TESTING as its authorised signatory and member of the executive management. She is married and the mother of two sons.


Jochim Feuerherdt

Jochim Feuerherdt


Born in Hamburg/Harburg, after successfully finishing his schooling and diverse internships, Mr Feuerherdt studies "industrial engineering" at the TU Berlin. After working for firms such as "Standard Electric Lorenz" (radio relay technology), "TONI-Technik" (construction material test equipment / incl. management of "TONI-France") and "Rose KG" (mechanics, electronics, toolmaking, sheet metal production / solely responsible managing director), in 1989 he founded "FEUERHERDT GmbH" (production of EMC shields) and developed the family business founded in 1978 as "TESTING Bluhm & Feuerherdt GmbH" into a worldwide operating company. He died in 2023.

Social commitment is an important part of TESTING's company philosophy. Social responsibility starts with the company's employees and extends to its business activities through to support for the following social facilities in Berlin:

Berliner Tafel e.V., founded as a charitable organisation in Berlin, it is the oldest food bank in Germany. Since 1993, the around 600 active members of Berliner Tafel e.V. collect up to 650 tonnes of donated food each month and pass it on to around 400 social facilities in the capital.

Company History

The Foundation

The present day company "TESTING Bluhm & Feuerherdt GmbH” was born in 1978 on a living room sofa. Benno Bluhm and Sylvia Feuerherdt were the two founding shareholders of the GbR (company constituted under civil law). As, after 30 years as the head designer at "TONI-Technik", Mr Bluhm wanted to spend more time on his sailing boat, and Ms Feuerherdt had more than enough on her hands with three children, Jochim Feuerherdt (at this time employed as a sales manager in France and later as the production manager of "TONI-Technik" in Berlin) was given the task of getting the company up and running and for developing product and sales ideas.


The 1st air entrainment meter
At that time, West Berlin was still surrounded by the wall, which complicated transport out of Berlin and through the GDR customs. In addition, the West German sales regions were firmly in the hands of five competitors. So what was the best approach and what was to be made? The product had to be technically simple, able to be sent by post and produced in large quantities. With our market knowledge, we opted for the so-called "air entrainment meter", with which the total air content in fresh concrete is measured. We drew up design drawings, looked for a foundry and found a production company.

After a good four months assembly of the pilot run began in the basement of the apartment of Mr Bluhm's apartment block. Mr Bluhm converted the 5m² basement area into a small production workshop with mini workbench and drill plus assembly bench. It wasn't long before the first neighbours asked Mr Bluhm what he was doing in the basement and what the noises were. He excused himself by saying he was working on his sail boat.

Following completion of the prototype we contacted "Weissgerber", the largest German construction machine dealer in Frankfurt/Main. The adventure began with an initial order for 10 air entrainment meters. Due to the other residents (in Mr Bluhm's apartment block) the cast/individual parts could only be made at night during the dark in the basement of Mr Bluhm. Transporting finished equipment from the basement was also difficult; they were packaged ready for transport at night by Mr Feuerherdt's employer at the time.

The move
This was naturally no permanent solution. So Mr Feuerherdt rented production rooms in Berlin-Kreuzberg, which had to be vacated soon after due to extreme rent increases. The company moved to Berlin-Charlottenburg. We had to leave these rooms too in 1990, following the opening of the Berlin Wall, as the landlord raised the price of the rent per square meter to Frankfurt am Main levels. We finally found new production rooms near Berlin-Tempelhof airport. An engineer's dream with a room height of 5.5 metres and walls that were 0.5 metres thick – we rented a building with 500 m². The upturn could begin.

Following the opening of the Berlin Wall
In 1992 the company was changed from the legal form of a GbR to that of a GmbH (roughly equal to a plc), and was renamed "TESTING Bluhm & Feuerherdt GmbH". Mr Bluhm retired and Mr Feuerherdt officially joined the company as a shareholder. Due to the opening of the Berlin Wall, TESTING was suddenly freely accessible in the centre of East Germany with a large, until now untapped market. To ensure that we had sufficient products for this market, we took on representation of "Form+Test Seidner". The joy didn't last long, because the owner's characters were too different. To compensate we cooperated in a loose form with "ratio TEC", especially in the hydraulic machines sector. Intensive cooperation joined us up with "MATEST".

With German reunification, TESTING grew on the national and the international market. Participation in trade fairs in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Belarus, the Ukraine and Kazakhstan as well as in China and the BAUMA in Munich, allowed TESTING to become extremely well known, so that we are now a large supplier both nationally and internationally.
Since 2006, TESTING has built its own hydraulic presses for the cement/mortar sector and for concrete. TESTING offers an integral range of products made in-house for the testing of cement and concrete as well as a complete range of stainless steel laboratory furniture and system furniture. State of the art laboratory units are a brand new addition.

The large demand on national and international markets meant that our rented premises in Berlin-Tempelhof quickly became too small, so that in 2007 we purchased our own 4200m² site in Berlin-Marienfelde. After only one year's construction we were able to move into our own building with 3000m² usable space in 2008. Since its beginnings in 1978, TESTING has stood for "Made in Germany". High-quality, a large stock, moderate prices, continuous innovations and committed and technically superb employees are the guarantors of our sustained success.