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Electronic Blaine air permeability calibrated

Electronic Blaine air permeability
Apparatus, semi-automatic
EN 196-6, BS 4550, ASTM C204
With electric pump and time
Complete with:
Filter papers...

Mortar mixer TESTING, progr.

Mortar mixer TESTING, 5 litres capacity
EN 196
Automatic program control, sand feeder
and variable water dosing
Seven different water amounts can be
freely programmed...

Three-gang mould nickel pl.

Precision three-gang mould
40.1 x 40 x 160 mm
EN 196
electroless nickel-plated
Polished bright surface
With numbered webs and nutplates
Without boreholes

Curing of mortar specimens

Humidity storage cabinet for mortar prisms in
three-gang moulds in workbench version
EN 196-1, ASTM C109
Stainless steel chassis with a
sturdy worktop surface

Water bath for standing mortar specimens

Water bath for standing mortar specimens
EN 196-1
Consisting of:
·Stainless steel frame with 2 plastic tanks
·Wet storage capacity for 192 specimens
·Plastic grating...

Air entrainment meter 1 l TESTING, electric

Air entrainment meter "TESTING"
Cap. 1 litre
EN 1015-7, EN 459-2, EN 413-2
With electric minicompressor
For testing freshly mixed mortar
Direct reading in...