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Our service technicians are available worldwide!

As a reliable partner we provide the whole spectrum of modern services. With technical expertise and creativity we are searching for solutions to meet your specific wishes and demands.

Calibration Laboratory

Being an accredited calibration laboratory we  are your competent partner for the on-site calibration of your compression and flexure testing machines. Highly qualified and state-of-the-art measurement instrumentation guarantees a quick, cost-effective, and accurate realization of your orders.


Compression and flexure
Compression and flexure testing machine 3000/100 kN EN 12390, EN 1339, EN 1340, ASTM C39 Servo-controlled Accuracy Class 1 acc...
Combined compression/ flexure
Combined compression/flexure testing machine 250/15 kN - with round pressure plates Accuracy class 1 acc. to EN ISO 7500-1 Servo...
Flexual -testing machine 300 kN
Flexual -testing machine 300 kN for tests on Steel fibre concrete and fiber-reinforced sprayed concrete acc. EN 14651 CMOD, EN...
Curing of mortar specimens
Humidity storage cabinet for mortar prisms in three-gang moulds and cubes EN 196-1, ASTM C109 Curing temperature: +20°C +/- 1°C...
Mortar mixer TESTING, 5 l, EN
Mortar mixer, TESTING, 5 litres capacity EN 196 With manual operation, with sand feeder Manual supply of cement and water...