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Vicat needle apparatus 12 measuring points
Article Number: 1.0368

Computer-controlled Vicat needle apparatus
with 12 measuring points

EN 196-3, EN 480-2
The 12 measuring points (4/4/4) are installed
in a rectangular trough which is integrated into
a stainless steel workbench. Tests can be
performed in air or in water bath with constant
temperature (heat exchanger and cooler for
constant water temperature included), with
programmed test sequences, automatic
registration of the beginning and of the end
of setting time, as well as of setting plots.
Weight of plunger and the Vicat needle are
an additional 300 g ± 1 g. After each
penetration the Vicat needle is automatically
cleaned. The computer-controlled Vicat
needle apparatus consists of:
· Base unit as a floor-mounted appliance
   with the control unit and standard software
   for programmable test sequences and
   for data recording
· 12 Vicat moulds (conical hard plastic ring)
        70/80 dia. x 40 mm
· 12 glass base plates, 120 mm dia.
· 12 centerings for Vicat moulds (conical hard
        plastic ring) 70/80 dia. x 40 mm
· 2 pair of cleaning brushes
· 1 tee wrench, 1.25 mm
· 1 tee wrench, 2 mm
· 2 spare glass plates, 120 mm dia.
· 2 spare initial-set needles, 1.13 mm dia.
· Filter sponge coarse
· Filter sponge fine
· Serial cable
- USB/RS232-Adapter
- power supply
Dim. (wxdxh) = 1000 x 700 x 1140 mm
Weight: 195 kg
110-230 V / 50-60 Hz
Important: For operation, a standard PC
or laptop is needed, which is not included
in the scope of delivery.

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