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L-box for concrete testing

L-box for concrete testing
EN 12350-10
For determination of flowability,
blocking and separation of concrete
made of stainless steel with funnel
tube and frame to...

Cylindrical mould for sedimentation behaviour

Cylindrical mould to determine the
sedimentation behaviour of SCC
Consisting of:
3 cylinders 150 dia. x 150 mm high,
Electroless nickel plated,
Separating sliding...

Slump cone, stainless steel

Slump cone for J-ring, stainless steel
EN 12350-2
100/200 mm dia., height 300 mm
Without bedplate
Weight: 1.9 kg

J-ring to determine the flowability,

EN 12350-12
To determine the flowability, flow time
and blocking of SCC
Steel ring 300 mm dia. nickel plated
with 16 single rods 18 mm dia.

Box test for concrete testing

Box test for concrete testing
For determination of concrete workability
Completely made of stainless steel,
with 2 frames to simulate reinforcement
Dim. (wxdxh1xh2) = 240 x...

Kajima Box for concrete testing

Kajima Box for concrete testing
For determination of the degree
of filling of concrete
Plexiglass box with plastic base plate
Plastic filling funnel and cone, height 500 mm...

V-funnel for concrete testing

V-funnel for concrete testing
EN 12350-9
For determination of the relative
falling time RB of concrete,
Completely made of stainless steel
Funnel (wxdxh) = 515 x 75 x...