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Data Protection

Note on the problem of external links

The operator of this internet site, as a content provider according to §7 Para.1 and Para. 2 TMG (German Telemedia Law), is responsible for their "own content", which they provide for use, according to general laws. A differentiation is to be made between this own content and cross-references ("links") to the content provided by other providers. Through these cross-references we provide "third party content" for use. We are only responsible for this third party content if we have positive knowledge of it (i.e. including unlawful or criminal content) and it is technically possible and reasonable to expect us to prevent its use (§7 Para.1 and Para. 2 TMG).

However, "links" are always "living" (dynamic) references. When linking for the first time we checked the third party content to see whether it would possibly trigger our responsibility under civil law or criminal law. But we are not obliged to constantly check the content that we link to in our offer for changes, which could give rise to our responsibility.

Only when we find out or are informed that a specific offering to which we have provided a link triggers our responsibility under civil or criminal law will we cancel the link to this offering, insofar as this is technically possible and can be reasonably expected of us. The technical possibility and reasonableness is not affected by the fact that even after we have prevented access from our site, the unlawful or criminal offering can still be accessed from other servers. This procedure conforms to the requirements of the Berlin Data Protection Representative.

Privacy policy (GDPR)

Protection of your data is close to our heart. We only save anonymised access data without personal reference, e.g. the name of your internet service provider, the page or site from which you visited us or the name of the requested file. Cookies can be used to collect data; however, they also only collect and save data in anonymous or pseudonymous form and do not allow any conclusion to be drawn about who you are.
At the moment our policy only exists in german . For more information please follow the link


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Our service technicians

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