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Sieving machine EML 200 Premium remote for wet sieving

Article Number: 5.2251TWIN

With quick clamping device TwinNut.

Technical DataControlled amplitude for wet sieving
For test sieves up to 203 mm dia.
Seperate control unit for electronic regulation of the vibration intensity
For interrupted or continous operation
Timer switch for 0 - 99 min
Scope of Delivery1 Machine cover with full cone nozzle and sight glass
clamping device system consisting of 2 guide rods M20 x 660 mm, 2 clamping screws
1 water socket plug spout and 2 hose clamps
1 PVC hose (3lfdm)
Basic-Software CSA 5.0
DimensionsWeight: approx. 34 kg
110 - 230 V / 50 - 60 Hz