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PC-controlled compression testing machine 4000kN

Article Number: 22.1102.01-SV-i20

Test frame with hydraulic cylinder for compression strength test in strain gauged column 
The compression testing machine is suitable for compressive strength tests of light, normal and heavy concrete.
class 1 according to DIN EN 7500-1 in expansion cylinder version
2 parts: consisting of a test frame and a separate control unit
Normen: DIN EN 12390-3, 12504-1, 12390-6, EN 1338, EN 206, ASTM C39 (and many more)

Technical specificationsForce display range: 0 - 4000 kN
Force measuring range: 80 - 4000kN, class 1
Stroke: 100 mm
Test chamber height: 340 mm
Column spacing: front 450 mm; side 450 mm
Machine platens Ø415 mm acc. to DIN EN 12390-4
Optional rectangular printing plate variants
Controller Doli EDC
Provides fully automated experimental
procedures with predetermined
rate of loading
Force controlled tests
(deformation and displacement controlled tests require further accessories)
Automatic break detection
SafetyA large area of the testing machine is
equipped with a impact-resistant,transparent test room protection made
of polycarbonate.
DimensionsTest frame:
(L X W X H) 930 x 860 x 1960 mm
Weight approx. 4000 kg
Control cabinet: (L X W X H) 1200 x 570 x 1040 mm
Weight about 550 kg
3 ~ 400 V / 50 Hz - 4 kW