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PC-controlled compression testing machine 3000 kN

Article Number: 22.1101.01-FU-i20

Test frame with hydraulic cylinder for compression 
strength test in strain gauged column according to DIN EN 12390-4 and class 1
according to DIN EN 7500-1 in the specified measuring range
The compression testing machine is suitable for compressive strength testing of light, normal and heavy concrete.
Norms: DIN EN 12390-3, 12504-1, 12390-5, 12390-6 EN 206, ASTM C39 (and many more)

SamplesCubes (edge length): 200, 150, 100 mm
(auxiliary platens required)
Cylinder (height) 300, 200 mm
Devices (height) up to 310 mm e.g. splitting tensile
Other samples are possible.
Technical specificationsForce display range: 0 - 3000 kN
Force measuring range: 100 - 3000 kN, class 1
Stroke: 100 mm
Test chamber height: 315 mm
Column spacing: front 340 mm; side 270 mm
Machine platens dia. 320 mm acc. to DIN EN 12390-4
Optional rectangular machine platens.
Controller Control cabinet FU-i20 with main switch incl.
undervoltage release and emergency stop switch.
CEE plug 16A (3 ~ 400V, 50Hz)
SafetyA large area of the testing machine is
equipped with a impact-resistant,transparent test room protection made
of polycarbonate.
DimensionsTest frame (W x D x H) 750 x 660 x 1580 mm
Weight approx. 1650 kg
Control cabinet (W x D x H) 1200 x 570 x 1040 mm
Weight: about 350 kg
3~400 V / 50 Hz / 1.1 kW