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Flexual-testing machine 300 kN

Article Number: 2.1080

Accuracy class 1 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 75
Consisting of a testing frame and
a separate control console
Up to 4 different machines can be
connected to one control unit

Machine frame• Slabs as well as hardenend concrete
  in accordance with DIN EN 1239
• For determining flexural strength
  as per DIN EN 12390-5
• For testing concrete slabs
  as per DIN EN 1339
• For testing concrete kerbstones
  as per DIN EN 1340
• Torsional rigid frame with 4 columns
  that have been clamped without play
• Extremely great frame stiffness
  with maximum load up to 300 KN
• Dual- action cylinder- anti rotation
  protection system prevents turning
  of the piston rod with the upper
  bending beam and the precision force transducer
• The upper bending beam can be very simply converted
  from a 3-point to a 4-point testing configuration
• The drive and control components are located
  in a separate control cabinet
• Intervals between the columns
  at the front 900 mm
  at the side 300 mm
• Force-measuring range 30-300 kN
• Piston stroke 250 mm
• Bending-roller diameter 30 mm
• Bending-roller length 180 mm
• Centre distance of upper/lower rollers 220 mm
Control cabinet• Control electronics Doli EDC
• Enables fully automatic tests
  with given loading rates
• Force and strain controlled tests
  (deformation and displacement controlled
  tests are optional possible)
• Servo-valve
• Hydraulic pumps
• Control unit
• Reading the measured data
• Automatic breakage detection
• The control unit is mounted on the control cabinet
• The software enables up to 30 tests
  with automatic test procedures
Hydraulic Station• Powerful radial piston pump
  P max: 500 bar; Q = 1.5 l
• Additionally low-pressure gear pump
  P max: 20 bar; Q = 9.0 l
• Oil tank for both pumps approx. 37 l
• Oil air cooler (required for longer
  ongoing tests)
• Safety, regulation, control and
  directional valves
  (Safety equipment, for example pressure
  control with servo valve type Moog 25 l/min)
  (closed loop controlled)
• Switch box for electric connection
• Electric main switch with overload
• Emergency stop switch
• Fine flow oil filter, at least 3 µm
DimensionsMachine frame
(wxdxh) = 1200 x 600 x 2045 mm
Weight: approx. 3000 kg
Control cabinet
(wxdxh) = 800 x 500 x 1500 mm
Weight: approx. 230 kg
Power ratings: 3 x 230 / 400 V / 50 Hz