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Flexure testing machine 150 kN, servo-controlled

Article Number: 2.1075

Accuracy class 1 in accordance
with DIN EN ISO 7500-1
For testing of hardened concrete:
concrete beams, slabs, and kerbstones
- DIN EN 12390-5 flexual strenght
- DIN EN 1339 concrete slabs
- DIN EN 1340 concrete kerbstones
Consisting of a testing frame and
a separate control console

Testing frameTorsional rigid press frame with 3 columns
that have been clamped without play,
with maximum load up to 150 kN
Dual-action testing cylinder with long piston stroke
in serveslide quality (especially low-friction),
mounted on the upper cross-beam
An anti-rotation protection system prevents
turning of the piston rod with the upper
bending beam and the optionally available load cells
Adjustable bearing plates are
installed in the testing zone
Linear guides, without play, enable simple
and exact adjustment of the bearing plates
The upper bending beam can be very simple converted
from a 3-point to a 4-point testing configuration
As options, other testing equipment is
available for installation
The drive and control components are located
in a separate control cabinet
SpecificationsForce-measuring range: 0-150 kN
Class 1 Measuring range 3 kN up to 150 kN
(other gradations of class 1 measuring
ranges possible)
Piston stroke: 220 mm
Bending-roller diameter: 20 / 40 mm
Bending-roller length 510 / 180 mm
Lower bending-roller interval 70-600 mm
Center interval upper / lower rollers 220 mm
Control cabinetThe control cabinet contains all hydraulic
elements such as the hydraulic-valve,
hydraulic pumps, and an oil filter
Electronic control system Doli EDC
The hydraulic assembly consists s
of a high-pressure radial-piston pump
A control unit is mounted on the control cabinet
with all elements for operated-control actions,
and for open and closed-loop control functions
The software enables tests with automatic
test procedures
Different machines can be connected
to the control unit
DimensionsMachine frame
(wxdxh) = 1030 x 915 x 1635 mm
Weight incl. substructure and control cabinet 800 kg
Control cabinet
(wxdxh) = 1200 x 580 x 1500 mm
Weight approx. 230 kg
Power ratings 3 x 230 / 400 V / 50 Hz