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Modulus of Elasticity TESTING for cylinders

Article Number: 2.0454.Z

Electrical double strain transducer BD 25/50 (DD1), EN 12390-13. To determine the modulus of elasticity for concrete, cylinders, drill cores, cubes and prisms. For measuring the mean change in length between two opposite surface lines on the test specimens. Measurements are performed directly on the specimens.

Technical DataMeasuring device for cylinder is 150 mm
Measuring lengths range from 100 to 170 mm
Transducer type: HBM-DD1
Circuit: DMS full bridge
Resistance: 350 Ohm
Measuring path: +/- 2 mm
Accuracy class: 0.2%
Ambient temperature: -10 to +60°C

Please note that additional amplifier cards are required for machine control.