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Ultrasonic instrument Pundit PL-200 for quality of building materials

Article Number: 10.2302PL-200

According to EN 12504-4, ASTM C597-02, BS 1881. Ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) test instrument to examine the quality of concrete and other materials such as rock, wood and ceramics. It provides an extended range of measurement modes and superior features for measuring on-site testing: Assess the concrete uniformity using standard A-Scans and the new Line Scan functionality, estimate the compressive strength of concrete or measure the surface velocity and the depth of perpendicular cracks. The intelligent software supports directly accessible settings in real time from the measuring screen.

Scope of DeliveryPundit Touchscreen
2 Transducers (54 kHz)
2 BNC cables (1.5 m)
Calibration rod
BNC adapter cable
Battery charger
USB cable
DVD with software
Carrying strap
Carrying case, weight: 6.8 kg