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Computer controlled torque mixer

Article Number: 1.0206.07

Torque mixer with high-sensitivity load cell
Standard mixing device and research
measuring device combined
Base Mortar mixer TESTING, capacity 5 liters
Mixing bowl and stirrer are made of stainless steel
Sand feed for 1350 g EN standard sand
High accurate, freely programmable water dosage
Switchable torque measuring device

ConstructionThe mortar mixer is controlled via a freely
programmable software
Speeds freely selectable between 50 and 350 rpm
After the mixing process on the
screen can be protocols and current
states graphed created
A program sequence includes the
production of mortar according to
the procedure „Water Need according
to Marquardt“
The mixer is also suitable for the
production of standardized mixtures
Technical DataFurthermore, the mixer is suitable for the
production of standardized mixtures
4 standard programs are preset:
P1 according to EN 196-1, EN 413 or ASTM C305;
P2 according to EN 480;
P3 according to EN 196-3;
P4 according to EN 196-9
2 mixing speeds:
140 ± 5 rpm, 285 ± 10 rpm
110-230 V / 50-60 Hz / 0.37 kW
DimensionsWeight: 60 kg Necessary accessoriesFor operation, a standard PC or laptop
is needed, which is not included in the
scope of delivery