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Mortar mixer 5 l, automatic sand feeder

Article Number: 1.0205

According to EN 196 (go to ASTM-variation).
Automatic program control and sand feeder
Can also be operated manually
Manual supply of cement and water
Fully automatic sand feeder and operation
of the actually stored mixing programs
Heavy-duty design
Made of aluminium and gray cast-iron parts
Mixing bowl and stirrer are made of
stainless steel

Technical dataThe actually stored mixing programs:
P1 acc. to EN 196-1, EN 413
P2 acc. to EN 480
P3 acc. to EN 196-3
P4 acc. to EN 196-9
Two mixing speeds:
140 ± 5 rpm, 285 ± 10 rpm
110-230 V / 50-60 Hz / 0,37 kW
DimensionsWeight: 60 kg