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Mortar mixer TESTING, 5 l, automatic sand feeder

Article Number: 1.0205

EN 196
Automatic program control and sand feeder
Can also be operated manually
Manual supply of cement and water
Fully automatic sand feeder and operation
of the actually stored mixing programs
Heavy-duty design
Made of aluminium and gray cast-iron parts
Mixing bowl and stirrer are made of
stainless steel

Technical dataThe actually stored mixing programs:
P1 acc. to EN 196-1, EN 413
P2 acc. to EN 480
P3 acc. to EN 196-3
P4 acc. to EN 196-9
Two mixing speeds:
140 ± 5 rpm, 285 ± 10 rpm
110-230 V / 50-60 Hz / 0,37 kW
DimensionsWeight: 60 kg