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Compression and flexure
Compression and flexure testing machine 3000/100 kN EN 12390, EN 1339, EN 1340, ASTM C39 Servo-controlled Accuracy Class 1 acc...
Combined compression/ flexure
Combined compression/flexure testing machine 250/15 kN - with round pressure plates Accuracy class 1 acc. to EN ISO 7500-1 Servo...
Curing of mortar specimens
Humidity storage cabinet for mortar prisms in three-gang moulds and cubes EN 196-1, ASTM C109 Curing temperature: +20°C +/- 1°C...
Flexual -testing machine 300 kN
Flexual -testing machine 300 kN for tests on Steel fibre concrete and fiber-reinforced sprayed concrete acc. EN 14651 CMOD, EN...
Mortar mixer TESTING, 5 l, EN
Mortar mixer, TESTING, 5 litres capacity EN 196 With manual operation, with sand feeder Manual supply of cement and water...

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