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High-frequency magnetic vibrating table

High-frequency magnetic
vibrating table, 4000-9000 UpM
With timer, separate switch box,
speed regulator and magnetic
clamping device with 2 pairs of magnets
for 2...

Air entrainment meter 5 l TESTING

Air entrainment meter "TESTING"
Cap. 5 litres
EN 12350-7, ASTM C231, GOST 10181
For freshly mixed concrete
With manually operated pump
Direct reading in %...

Combi-mould 150 mm

Combi-mould "TESTING"
150 x 150 x 150 mm
Base plate cast iron with thread
incl. screw plug
Shell made of plastic
Weight: 5.5 kg...

Concrete specimen curing tank

Curing tank
for concrete specimens
made of aluminium / stainless steel
EN 12390-2
For standard storage of specimen cubes
With double walls and insulated

Slump table based on Graf, complete

Slump table based on Graf
EN 12350-5
For determination of the workability
very high long-life cycle ensured
through glazed wooden parts
Complete with tamper...