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Compression testing machine 4000 kN
Article Number: 2.1102

Compression testing machine 4000 kN

class 1 acc. to DIN EN ISO 7500-1
consisting of a test frame and
a separate control unit

Test frame
4-column frame
Straintest acc. to EN 12390-4
Compression range 0...4000 kN
Class 1 Measuring range
80 kN up to 4000 kN
Other gradations of class 1
measuring ranges possible.
compression plates diam. 415 mm
test chamber size 340 mm
piston stroke 100 mm
incl. protective grid and
piston stroke limiter

Controller EDC 222
especially designed for data recording  
and automatic controlling for servo hydraulic  
test plants with +/-10 V control valve
does include all measuring channels for   
servo hydraulic controlling
ideal for force-controlled tests according
to EN 12390, ASTM C39 and ASTM C109
(deformation and displacement controlled
tests require further accessories)

Hydraulic station
powerful radial piston pump
Pmax = 500 bar, Q = 1.5 l/min
with oil tank 17 l capacity
incl. safety and control valves
with electric control cabinet,
main switch and emergency STOP
bypass control by servo valve
(closed loop control by
Moog servo valve)

Frame approx. 760 x 760 x 1600 mm
Control unit approx. 1200 x 580 x 1500 mm
Weight approx. 3500 kg
400 V / 50 Hz

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